I am 200% satisfied. I tell other centers that don't have Copilot that I've never dealt with anyone like you. If you can't get anyone, they always call you right back and they always get back right away with emails. I've never dealt with anyone as efficient as you guys. 

Mary Jayne Kozlowski

Copilot is already giving me more time and more I&R time. It allows the seniors to see everything that is happening in one place (the touch screen), whereas before you could only fit so much on a calendar. It also reminds them of what activities are going on today.

Valarie Bullock


I do most of the new consumer entering, and Copilot has been easy to use. I love that the system is web-based, and I can access every one of my Senior Centers and watch what's going on that day. If there is a problem, I  can log onto Copilot and help right away.

Debbie DeSefano


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I like the daily report. I've been running this report to reconcile figures so that I know when we get near the end of the month, I have most of the information that I need to correct, corrected.

Jeannne Ronschke

I like that fact that I can bring up all of the Copilot information whenever I want to see it from wherever I want. I also like the consumer information input form, and how we can view and keep track of the volunteer hours.

Cinda Yinkey


Today marks a day for In-Home Services History! We are closed on all in-home services for the month of February on March 1st at 3:30PM! Amazing!

Beth Wolanski

Hancock County, WV

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